The Grapefruit Diet


My definition of “the grapefruit diet” is pretty simple: When you feel the urge to snack, instead of going for cookies, candy, potato chips, or other unhealthy go-tos, slice a grapefruit in half.

Take your half a grapefruit, put it in a bowl, and dust the top with a little sugar. I have the incredibly helpful grapefruit spoon, which is serrated around the end to help scoop out the grapefruit sections. You can also use a knife to cut out the white core in the center to make it easier to get them out.

Grapefruit really is fulfilling for all of the senses. The deep pink fruit is as appealing to the eyes as the sent and taste are to the nose and mouth, and the thin layer of sugar crunches satisfyingly between the teeth (and adds just enough sweetness to the natural tart flavor to stave off those sweet cravings!).

When you have your first half, you can just wrap the second one in cling wrap and set it aside in the refrigerator for later.

So pick up some grapefruit at the grocery store now, while they’re in season. You won’t regret giving this healthy snack alternative a try!


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