Midnight Rendevous

As I was lying in my bed, about to go to sleep, I heard a rustling somewhere in my room. I froze, the first thought in my head being, “Oh no, a rat!” I have a great fear of a rat jumping on me in my sleep, despite this never having actually happened, in fact never even coming close to happening. I turned on my light, and the rustling sound stopped. After a moment, I turned the light back off, thinking that it was most likely just some sound from outside, or from the air turning on and moving a sack or something. However, when the light went back off, the sound started up again. I turned the light back on, and it stopped.

After going back and forth with the light on and off for a while, I decided to just work up my courage and investigate. I turned the light on. I cautiously put my feet on the floor and tiptoed over to the corner that the sound was coming from.

I discovered that I wasn’t imagining things, and the sound wasn’t coming from outside.

I saw the culprit.

20131020-221856.jpgSomehow, this frog got into the house and upstairs into my room. He was jumping against the closed door, trying to find a way out. I obliged by opening the door for him, but my presence apparently frightened him, because he ran (or, I suppose, hopped) into the corner. I stood staring at him in confusion for a minute, then recognized the fact that I needed to catch him and put him back outside. At this point, he started running up the wall.

I tried to shoo him onto a box below him, but then he jumped over to the door! When I tried to catch him over there, he jumped back to the wall.

He managed to run all the way up the door and perch on the top.

He seemed pretty happy there, so I decided to just leave him to his own devices. It’s not like he was a rat or something.



First Touches of Fall

The transitional time when fall color just begins to touch the world always seems like such a magical time. While all seasonal changes are striking, there is something about the warm reds, yellows, oranges, and browns slowly taking over the cool greens of summer that is especially remarkable.




I love the brilliant yellow of this leaf, especially the way it contrasts with the green veins that are still showing.


The leaves are just starting to fall. There will be a lot of raking to do soon.


Even the creek is looking fallish!




This little fellow lives at the end of our driveway. As you can see, he enjoys the black walnuts that fall from the tree there. We leave them on the groundĀ for him to stock up on for the winter.




Farewell to Summer

Although it has technically been fall for a while now, this is Tennessee, which means that the start of fall doesn’t mean the end of summer weather. I couldn’t resist one more day of summer clothes last week just before the weather turned. Since that seems to have happened this rainy afternoon, I thought I would post a final couple of summery pictures for the year.

It was a nice day for a walk with Walter. With the edge taken off of the heat, it was even cool enough for a light sweater! You can see the first fall leaves on the ground. The change in the seasons starts slowly, but it doesn’t take long after that.