Equinox Processional: A Walk, in Photographs

Today was the first day of fall, or the autumn equinox, and it actually felt like a nice early fall day ought to. To me, this meant it was a perfect day for a walk around the farm. Today, I walked down through the bottom and into the woods down there.

As you can see, Florence came along with me.Image

It was really bright out in the pasture. It looked beautiful, but I was glad to get under the shade of the trees.Image

I find the forest so incredibly inspiring; is there anywhere more peaceful and beautiful? Every way you turn is some amazing element of nature, large or small. Even a fallen cedar tree across the path is a wealth of stunning color and texture.Image

On the other end of the spectrum, the woods are filled with huge trees. Gorgeous.Image


I love the grandeur of oak trees. It’s amazing how big they can get.Image

The texture of the bark is stunning. I love the mixture of rough bark, white lichen, and green moss. Did you know that the presence of lichen on trees is a sign of clean air?Image

Perhaps some small woodland creature takes shelter in this hollow log sometimes. I’d like to think that it is some cute furry thing, but I imagine it’s more likely to be a snake or spider.Image

I love the forms in nature, but sometimes my imagination runs away with me. This root looks like some creature’s paw to me, with the moss as fur.


Here’s a tiny fern, growing in the crook of a tree root.Image

I try never to forget how beautiful wildflowers – and even plain old weeds! – can be. Look at the gorgeous colors on these:Image


I love the blue and yellow, as well as the greens of the moss and the leaves.

I can’t think of a much better way to start the new season. Did you do anything special to herald the arrival of autumn?


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