Easy Peach Parfait

Some days, I have a lot of lunch, and so I go light on my supper. This Easy Peach Parfait is a tasty and healthy solution for when you want just a little to eat.

It’s just a fresh peach, peeled and sliced, and plain Greek yogurt (unsweetened and unflavored), with some granola and honey sprinkled on the top.


The sweetness of the honey and granola balance out the tartness of the yogurt, and it all enhances the flavor of the fresh peaches. Honey is a healthier sweetener than sugar or artificial sweeteners, so feel free to add it to taste. Pile it on if you want! I don’t use a lot, since I like the tanginess of the plain yogurt, but I realize I am a less sweets-inclined person than most.

The Easy Peach Parfait is a tasty multi-tasker as a healthy snack, a tasty breakfast, a light lunch or supper, and sneaky substitute for a decadent dessert. Embrace the end of summer by eating as many of these as possible before all of the fresh fruit is gone!


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