Paint and Polish Don’t Mix

It’s a good thing that I do my own manicures. Behold my poor abused nails after two days of cleaning tack and painting:




I meant to post a picture update of the town house project tonight, but by the time we quit for the day, it was too dark to really be able to tell what we had done. Alas! I’ll try to remember to take some pictures tomorrow, when I’m sure there will be enough light.

So far, we have gotten the panelling washed and primed, and we did a test area of paint in one spot to make sure we wouldn’t have to use another coat of primer. Luckily, it seems to be working. Whew! We have also primed and painted the closet in one bedroom, and primed the other. We’ve also started painting the bedrooms. They’re just sheetrock that has already been painted, so no priming was required. The closets had to be primed anyway, due to fifty years worth of marks on the walls in there that would simply not come out. They were also still painted the groovy colors of the sixties that they were originally – bright yellow and turquoise! These colors were long ago covered in the bedrooms with a dingy antique white. I would actually have loved to have left them the original colors, but unfortunately the paint was in too bad a shape. Instead, they will be the current color of the rooms: pale blue and light green.

It’s very exciting to see progress being made. Painting is so much more fun than preparing to paint – washing walls, sanding trim, cleaning it all up… It’s such a drag! One thing i love about painting is getting immediate results. You run your brush or roller along the wall and you have an instant transformation! I am hoping to wield that transformative magic to great effect tomorrow in the bedrooms, and perhaps on some more panelling. 


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