UFOs: Unexplained Freaky Occurrences

As I was sitting here in my room a few minutes ago, typing away on my computer (yes, at 1 AM – what can I say? I’m a night owl!) I heard some odd sounds from outside. It sort of sounded like a cat, but not like the cat sounds I’m used to hearing, so I went to check it out.

I didn’t see any cats on the porch, but since they do wander around a bit, this wasn’t terribly strange. I called Walter and Myrtle, but then I noticed something that was strange.

The bowl of cat food on the window sill had been knocked off onto the porch, but the other bowl of cat food looked no more disturbed than usual. But here’s the really weird thing: the whole cat food container had been turned over on its side. The cat food container is a medium-sized garbage can with a lid, which contains the contents of a twenty-pound bag of cat food. This means it’s fairly heavy and sturdy. I can’t imagine a small cat like Myrtle (eight pounds) could turn it over, and since Walter (twenty pounds) has never done it, I can only assume that he can’t, either.

This leads me to the horrifying question: what did this? We have stray cats come by from time to time, but they would have to be pretty big to be able to accomplish a feat that even my giant twenty-pound cat can’t do. Does this mean that there is a cat wandering around that is even bigger than Walter? It seems unlikely. Does that mean it was something else?

Walter and Myrtle came up on the porch and seemed fairly unconcerned about things, and they are the two most skittish cats. Walter’s tail was a little fluffed up, but there were some birds chirping nearby, in the direction he had come from, so he could have just been excited about that. The main point is, neither of them looked as upset as I would expect them to, if, say, a large dog or a mountain lion had recently been on the porch.

What happened? Does anyone have any ideas?


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