A Familiar Face


A Familiar Face

If you look closely, you can see a bird in this picture. That is a red-bellied woodpecker. They are a fairly common species here in the South, but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable company. This fellow is a familiar sight in my back yard; he (or a relative) has been here as long as I can remember. While catching a glimpse of unusual wildlife is a thrill, a lot can be said for old friends like this one.


The Other Side of the Fence


The Other Side of the Fence

This was my view out back today. It gets a bit rustic outside of the yard, I suppose, but how could I complain about those beautiful spring colors? I think even the old barn looks rather picturesque.

Say Hello to My Little Friend…

…Baby Sparrow, who kept a close eye on me while I pulled weeds near his house.


He was probably just waiting for his parents to come back with some food for him, but I’d rather believe that we bonded over the course of the day.

What a friendly little fella. He was even willing to pose for the camera!


Is It Still Lucky?

ImageWhile I was on a walk, I found this four-leaf clover. I am someone who is usually pretty familiar with superstitions, but I am just not sure about this one. It is a red clover, not a white one, and it has a bloom in the middle of it. Any ideas?


A Bouquet of Beautiful Blooms


Like most girls, I really love flowers. I’m picky, though. Not only do I want my flowers to look beautiful, I also want them to have a beautiful fragrance. This is why I think peonies are the perfect spring flowers. They produce big, extravagant blooms with a gorgeous fragrance that washes over you whenever you come near them.

These particular blooms grow on plants given to us by my great-aunt. That’s one of the reasons that these plants have so many blooms: they’re old. The older the peony, the better they do! One of the best things about them is that they can be split as they grow to make more and more peonies! That way you can expand your beds or give them as gifts. And really, what could be a better gift that a peony root?

Crimson and Clover

It can be a good idea to plant your garden with a cover crop in the non-productive months. This prevents weeds from taking over, and the right plants can actually help to enrich your soil. Two popular choices are buckwheat and crimson clover. They both work well, but the crimson clover has the advantage of also being really pretty!


I just had to snag some pictures of the clover before it was turned under.


I love the red color. The other day I passed a field full of it while driving down the road – beautiful! There are advantages to taking country roads.

If it ever stops raining, the clover will be turned under to make way for tomato plants. I’ll be sad to see it go, but certainly not sad to have fresh tomatoes every day!