The Cat-Bird Seat

ImageLook closely. That’s Jake, up on top of the birdhouse. I figure he must have climbed the apple tree and then hopped from it over onto the birdhouse. It’s supposed to be a bluebird house, but despite the many bluebirds in the area, a pair of sparrows made the first move and had a nest of babies in it. The parents were a short distance away, scolding Jake for his attempted invasion. It didn’t seem to phase him, though.

ImageHe carefully jumped down when he saw me coming. (This is why I don’t have any closeups of these antics.)

Jake is very friendly and can’t resist coming over to say hi…

Image…but of course he tries to play innocent about what he was just doing.

ImageSee? Who could doubt that face?

Of course, as soon as I walked away he headed right back toward the birdhouse. It’s going to have to be moved as soon as the Sparrow Family moves out.


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