Quick, Easy, Delicious, Healthy

It’s always a dilemma when you realize it’s gotten pretty late and you haven’t started any supper yet. Do you slave away in the kitchen and not eat until ten o’clock? Or do you break down and order a pizza and tell yourself that it must not be that bad, because cheese has calcium, and tomatoes are good for you, right?!?

Now that struggle is over. I have fallen in love with Ree Drummond’s Chicken Florentine Pasta. The Pioneer Woman really masters quick and easy with this dish, and it just tastes healthy in the best way possible!

ImageEven though the picture is a little blurry (oops!), you can still see the lovely colors- the bright green spinach and bright red tomatoes taste really fresh and remind me of the old rules about eating colorful foods.

I confess that I tweaked the recipe a bit this time by adding a little bit of red pepper flakes. I love spicy food, and that little bit of heat really rounds the dish out for me. If you don’t like hot food, don’t worry, the recipe is delicious as it is! I love that this pasta is so good for tweaking; one time in the past I didn’t have any chicken, so I put in mushrooms instead. It is a nice light meal either way, but especially with the mushrooms substituted. Meatless, it is almost like a hot pasta salad; you could even use it as a side dish!

This pasta is also good left over. There is some in my refrigerator right now – I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!


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