How Does Your Garden Grow?

With lettuce leaves, and onion sprouts, and potted herbs all in a row!

That’s right, the garden is starting to go in! It’s very exciting. We started some lettuce from seed a couple of weeks ago, but clearly it is still tiny little leafy sprouts. Therefore, we set out a few lettuce plants as well, so that we can start eating it soon! We chose some red lettuce for our bigger plants.

ImageThey look a little wilted and squashed now, but they will perk right back up in no time. I’m sure the rain that has been coming down all afternoon will help!

The pieces of wood are sort of a gardening secret, but more just a sign of bad cat behavior (or, I guess really just normal cat behavior). It keeps them out of the boxes. They, of course, think this soil that we have worked up to be nice and soft is just for them. I am sure you can figure out why they like it and the reason we don’t want them in there!

We also put out our little baby onions. They look adorable sticking up out of the dirt! Hopefully they will become big onions this year instead of just the slightly larger onions we often end up with. We certainly put enough mushroom compost and home-made compost in there! Surely they will be happy and swiftly-growing little onions!

ImageThen of course we have the ever-crucial herbs! Food is always better with fresh herbs, so we make sure to have plenty!

ImageHere we have parsley, sage, thyme, tarragon, and basil. Also a couple of Don Juan climbing roses, which we will set out in the ground once we decide where to put them! The thyme and sage plants lived through the winter sheltered somewhat from the elements in the garden house.

ImageThe thyme did the best. It kept all of its growth from last summer and looks downright bountiful and artistic! You can see the parsley peeking up behind it, and the rather bedraggled looking sage to the right.

ImageHere’s the French tarragon. You can see the new plant we put in at the top, and at the bottom there is a tiny sprout of the old plant coming back. I want to be sure there’s plenty. Bearnaise sauce is completely necessary to put on steaks in the summer!

ImageLast, but certainly not least, is the basil! We use it more than anything else. I could eat pasta made from fresh tomatoes and basil every day! It’s also great for making pesto, which you can eat fresh or freeze to use in the winter. Pesto is great as an ingredient or to just eat as an hors d’oeuvres on toasted bread.

As much as I love nice spring weather, setting out all of the vegetables and herbs really gets me impatient for them to start producing lots of delicious food!


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