Bottle Calves

Today I went to look at Ree Drummond’s site, The Pioneer Woman, and came across this post about the bottle calves they are raising. It made me think back to the calves we raised here. There were two of them, only a year or two apart. They were both red with some white facial markings, and their names were Buttons and Baby. Buttons’s mother died, and so it was left up to us to raise him. Baby was abandoned by his mother, who was really confused when she gave birth to twins, and I suppose panicked and was unable to care for them. Sadly, Baby’s twin didn’t make it, but we got to Baby in time and took him in. He was always a particularly small calf, I suppose because he was a twin. We always wondered if he and his twin were born a bit prematurely – calves just aren’t usually that small.

It was a pretty long time ago, but I still think back on the fun I had feeding those cute little things. Cows are really cute animals, and even more so when they are very small and friendly! I will have to try to find some old pictures of them to post.


2 thoughts on “Bottle Calves

  1. My grandmother had some bottle-raised lambs when she was young. She said they made the best livestock pets – it sounded like a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll have one someday!

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