It’s Almost Here!

The first day of spring isn’t until March 21st, but the signs of the season are popping up everywhere – and I’m not just talking about ordering seeds!

Yesterday, it was starting to feel warm. Not too warm – I still had to wear a jacket and hat – but warm enough to enjoy sitting in the sun on the back steps and walking around the yard looking for new growth.

We had rain, then sun and warmer weather, which is a good combination for grass to start greening up. Yes, it is patchy and not the most attractive yet, but it feels great to see that patch of lush greenness, however small it may be.


That’s not all I found. Growing on the edge of the patio is a cute little weed that drives my mother crazy, but that I always find so cheerful: the year’s first dandelion! I understand that they are pests that spread their seeds everywhere, but I can’t help but love them. The bright yellow is just such a happy color!


There are also some flowers that we actually planted. The hyacinths are starting to bloom, gracing the yard with their fabulous perfume. They seem to be making a strong appearance this year.


Continuing with the blue theme, this ground cover has also come out already:


As you can see, this is pre-weeding. I will try to get around to that tomorrow, around the horseback riding excursion I have planned for the afternoon.

It is absolutely exhilarating to see a beautiful day like this after the winter, and especially having a week of rain and cold like we have just had. It’s even nicer today, and it is supposed to be almost seventy degrees tomorrow. It feels wonderful to be back outside!



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