Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

We have bird feeders hanging in a maple tree in our back yard, where we can watch the birds from the breakfast table or the back porch. We get all kinds of birds, and enjoy seeing them come and go. These net feeders and the thistle seed in them is designed to be particularly appealing to finches, and every morning they are covered with them.

Black-capped chickadees are one of the few other species of bird that can easily eat from this type of feeder. Though I had hoped to get a picture of lots of birds crowding the feeder, when I got close enough to take the picture (more evidence of my need for a fancier camera), the finches flew away. The chickadees are apparently much less shy, however, as they quickly came right back to their breakfast.

The chickadee’s small size and distinctive markings make them just as cute and interesting to look at as the finches. There are at least three in this picture; they are perched in the tree as well as on the feeder. There were even more outside of the shot.


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