A Day in Provence


In Europe, lunch frequently means a simple meal of bread and cheese, especially when you are on the go or don’t have a lot of time for lunch. I recently decided to try this out again, spurred by the discovery of Laura Calder’s Miracle Boule – the closest thing you can get to European bread in North America.

I had honestly forgotten how much I really love bread. This recipe is really quite easy. You just have to have a Le Creuset (or equivalent) pot, and you have to remember that you have to mix it up well in advance of when you want to bake it. I typically mix it up the night before. Also be aware that this bread doesn’t really keep very well. In my house this isn’t a problem, because it is typically devoured within two days (or sometimes the same day I bake it). The Miracle Boule is delicious with just some butter on it, or with butter and jam for breakfast in the mornings. You can do anything with it – including playing French Vacation with this delightful mini-meal.

All you have to do is spread it with some dijon mustard, then some camembert cheese on top of that. It doesn’t get much better than this. The bite from the dijon gives a burst of flavor and leaves a wonderful tingle in your nose, and the soft, creamy camembert (brie’s more interesting cousin) is a longtime favorite of mine.

Though in Europe people typically get their bread from a bakery rather than baking it themselves, meaning that it is cold when they get around to eating it, today I put the mustard and cheese on while the bread was still warm, which made it a really delightful gooey treat. It was kind of a struggle to keep from eating the whole thing in one sitting! But alas, there has to be some bread for tomorrow!


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